Kwizera Trade School - Burundi Africa

The birth of a butterfly. The butterfly effect is the theory that a small change can make a huge difference in the future.

Our family has had a dream come true. When Kolin (my son) passed away we decided to work with our church to start a trade school for the Twa tribe in the Bubanza Province of Burundi. With the ground breaking taking place in January 2015 the school will open for the first class in September.

The project started by hiring 30 men and 30 women to learn construction. Before opening it already had a significant economic impact on the community. The best construction workers will start a construction company(s) funded by the Kazoza micro-finance bank.

They interviewed 100 applicants and will start the fall with 37 girls and 58 boys. The school will teach textiles, carpentry, mechanics and agriculture. The school will also teach entrepreneurship and work with Kazoza to start cottage industries.

If you would like to help, you can make donations at Please make a note that your contribution goes to the trade school.

Thanks to everyone who made our dream possible. I look forward to going for the opening.


John Lionberger

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